As the movement of kids spending more and more time on digital devices continues to grow, Coding Sharks opens school in Jacksonville with the goal of “Making Fun Out of Coding.” Parents continue to struggle with the battling decision of if their child is spending too much time on a digital device. There is no more denying it that one can carve a successful career out of information technology.

A 2-Hour introductory class starts at only $29 and are offered Saturday’s from 10am-12pm and 1pm-3pm. During this introductory class instructor’s go over the basics and importance of coding in the real world. The typical ratio is 4-5 students to 1 instructor and plans to continue to make that ratio even smaller. Kid’s coding in Jacksonville, FL is an exciting part of this transition from traditional learning to more specialized learning. STEM, Robotics, Coding, and 3D Printing are just a few of the topics Coding Sharks will be teaching.

With the big picture vision of teaching about all things digital, Coding Sharks plans to break the belief that kids can only succeed if they go to a traditional form of education. Register now for an introductory class to see if your kid’s may be a good fit for the program! Upon completion of weekend classes student’s join an 8-Week program with other peers which gives them the advantage of working with other children who are on the same track as them. This is where teamwork, perseverance, and teaching kids to get out of their comfort zones comes in.

Coding Sharks in Jacksonville, FL is a great place for kids to start, we promise.

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